peanut blubber

I just realized now, after growing up with PB&Js in front of Sesame Street and The Electric Company that pbs could mean peanut butter sandwich.

My att u-verse reciever went out recently.  Like for a pack of cigarettes or ice cream… and never came home.

I got a replacement receiver and have spent over 4 hours on the phone with tech support trying to get the bugs ironed out, you know how wrinkly and starch-resistant bugs can be…

What do I really need a tv for anyway… I asked myself after spending two lovely hours of my Saturday afternoon with Level 2 tech support guru [[NAME redacted] to protect the identity of the innocent from the gnashing jaws of the hungry corporate beast which feasts exclusively on the decaying souls of the most stout-hearted, yet unfortunate call-center employee].

The vcr and dvd player still work, and I can watch ANYTHING from tv on that thing I hear the kids call “teh internets”.

I can make my own TV network and watch whatever I want, whenever I want.

And I start my personal programming line-up with PBS.  Aside from a few of my favorite movies and sit-coms (and I can watch all of them online…), pbs has it all.  History, science, literature/mystery/arts, culture and current events.

I think I might have a PB sandwich and watch that NOVA special on Butterflies again, and glare menacingly out of the corner of my eye at that useless receiver sitting on top of the tv set.

Funny thing is- I hardly watched any tv at all before U-verse was hooked up in my place at my roommate’s request, and the fact I’d bother to write a post about tv channel-surfing withdrawal on a Sunday morning makes me very glad it’s not working and I hope it stays that way.   THE FIRST STEP IS ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM….

In the interest of full disclosure:  ATT is my telephone and ISP (as well as roommate’s U-Verse provider) and has been since back in the SBCglobal days, and they have always provided me with outstanding service and I have never had any issues with them.  This Uverse issue is internal here in our building, not on ATTs end.  They’ve always gone above and beyond in regard to customer service in my ten years with them and especially this time trying to assist with the technical issues out of their control.


No Oompa-Loompas

My Sister would probably roll over in her grave if she knew.  On the other hand, she wouldn’t want me to get skin cancer either.

She and I made tanning a full time past-time and lived by the credo:  Tans are something you EARN by working and playing in the sun.  They aren’t procured on a tanning bed, in a spray booth mist or out of a bottle and they certainly aren’t supposed to be any shade of orange.

When I couldn’t find any Ban de Soleil products in ANY store again this year (and may I just say:  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT Brick-n-Mortar Retailers!?  I’ve sworn by only this brand for all of my life and am more than a little chagrined I can only find it online…  *makes mad bunny faces, grumbles loudly, thumps back foot wildly*) so I decided it was sign from above to stay out of the sun, so I gave one of those 99 cent trail size tubes of “Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer” a try for fun.

Don’t tell anyone, but I really liked it, went back and bought more.



the bunny grumbles

yes.  I trepidly venture out of the back-corner of my hutch…

and look around to see if there are any other bunnies left around the warren.

I love you Sir… in.

I love Eucerin.
I said that to someone once and he did quite a double take. It sounds like you are saying “I love you Sir… In. 

I just got some new Eucerin, a variety that I had not tried before. It looks like buttercream icing, feels like buttercream icing, smells like buttercream icing. But, I bet it is NOT delicious like buttercream icing. I still highly recommend slathering yourself in a jar.


How’s it been goin’?

I miss you guys.  I think of you all often and wonder what you’ve been up to and I guess if I really wanted to know I’d take a surf around and see what you’ve all been posting, but I just never got the feel for WP and “You can’t go home again”.

I am friends with a few ex-voxers now in real-life on facebook.  I wish a few more of my old neighbors and I could do that.  Lurkertype… to name just one…

But I did get a new dress and figured I might as well post it.

The job is alright, but I am still looking for something else, I have a funny feeling about this place and – yeah, the honeymoon was over pretty quick on this one…

Cats are pretty much “all good”, except for the STILL pissing on the carpet RIGHT NEXT TO the litter box thing.

Seems like someone was looking for this post…

Holey Moley!  My hair is full of holes!

Curly hair has holes in it.  Those holes are what make the hair turn over on itself causing it to curl.  When moisture gets into those holes, it causes the hair shaft to expand and that’s what causes frizz.

If you compare a strand of straight hair to a strand of curly hair you will notice that the straight hair is like one long smooth filament, whereas a strand of curly hair is made up of porous layers that rest upon each other, think of it like roof shingles one layered over the top of another.

That’s part of the reason people with curly hair should not use a hair brush on it – because it disturbs/raises up the layers of the hair shaft, and also exposes more holes, thereby causing yet more frizz.  Besides, most curly hair is fairly delicate, believe it or not.  Brushing causes stress and breakage.  I don’t care what anyone else says.

On that same premise, that’s why you don’t comb it after you get out of the shower either, combing after showering also causes the curls to lose definition and ruins the formation of the curl.  If you pull on something when it is wet, it tends to stay that way.  That’s why you don’t wring out your delicate hand wash only sweaters; you gently squeeze the excess water out like squeezing a tube of toothpaste.

I have had more than one actual argument about this next item:  As far as shampoo, that’s just asking for trouble.  I don’t care what anyone says shampoo is pretty much a kiss of death for curly hair.  I don’t care if it says curly haired shampoo on the bottle; you do NOT need to shampoo your hair.  It will NOT smell or stink or get greasy.  It won’t get flat either, curly hair is simply a different animal than straight hair, and I am not convinced straight haired people need to shampoo their hair either.  I stopped shampooing every day about 7 years ago, and totally noticed a huge and immediate difference in my curls.  I only shampoo my hair about once a month or so now, and when I do, I condition it twice to help fill in the holes.

I do, however, “wash” my hair every day.  And by wash I mean I thoroughly wet it and rinse it damn good and apply conditioner that I comb though using no more than 6 comb passes (top, side, back/bottom) under the running water, then I sling my hair over one shoulder and squeeze it out like a hand wash only sweater.

I then take a hand towel and lay it over my head to keep the air out of the holes until I apply an anti-frizz cream, which I do by raking my product covered fingers through my flipped over upside down hair 8 times – 4 swipes on each side.  I rake once on each side at the nape of the neck, then over the ears, then just in front of the ears and once more over the crown.  While still flipped upside down I take that hand towel and gently scrunch each of the four sections just once and then let the towel drop away without moving the towel against the hair AT ALL.  While still flipped upside down, I use my KMS Curl up balm to seal and protect the shaft from moisture.  Once more I take the towel and scrunch twice more, once for the front section, once for the back without disturbing the hair AT ALL.  RUBBING a towel against your hair IS BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD, oh so VERY BAD!  NEVER EVER RUB – only gently, delicately scrunch.

Sometimes, for fun, when I have time, I take these old fashioned, old lady beauty parlor duck bill clips and individually spin my curls and pin them up and then let them down after they dry – gives awesomely defined ringlets like Shirley Temple.

I prefer to let my hair air dry, which brings us to the topic of hair dryers which are bred from evil incarnate.  If you have curly hair, invest in a diffuser if you must heat dry your hair.

Some people say that you should put it up overnight if you don’t plan on wetting it in the morning.  Yeah, rolling on a pillow for 8 hours can certainly rough up the hair shaft.  I can see putting it up or you’ll look like you just put your finger in an electrical socket.

Two good comments from the old post… COMMENTS:

AMEN!!! – and I am not even religious, but you are now officially the goddess of my curly hair! I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said. I brush my hair very very gently about once a month to every six weeks. I would rather torture small animals than put a hair dryer (even with a diffuser) anywhere near my hair. I use shampoo about once a month – I did try water-washing only for a while, but all those stories promising my hair would get back to some “natural balance” turned out to be crud for me. Now I wash mostly with a little bit of conditioner. All I ever do to style my hair is to wet it, scrunch it a little with a towel, and rub some conditioner on my hands and run my fingers through a few times. I have

Sun is also the death of the ends of my hair. When cycling or hiking I put it up in a flat bun under a hat. If I can’t do that for whatever reason, I put a little sunscreen in conditioner and finger that through my hair first – although that then necessitates a shampooing afterwards.

I used to love using oils in my hair before shampooing too. I liked apricot kernel oil best, or maybe just olive oil. Someone recommended mashing avocado into it, but that was a lot more messy and I am not sure it was better. Then I would put a shower cap on, and a hot damp towel around that (re-wetting and wringing out the the towel whenever it gets cold). Half an hour to a full evening of that, my hair feels great! I might even do that tonight, my hair needs a bit of TLC right now.

Posted by: L | 08/24/2007 at 01:45 PM


Oh, god, just like my sister!!  😀

She also has curly curly hair.  But not just all the same curly, she has like three or four diffrerent kinds of curls on her head, all of which respond to different kinds of treatment.  You treat one curl this way, another kind that way.  Someone gave her this book,  Curly Girl,and she swears by it.  Check it out!

Posted by: j | 08/24/2007 at 03:48 PM

Ya know what I miss?

The old days, when people kept their politics, religion and sexual preferences/exploits to themselves when in polite company (aka: public).