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peanut blubber

I just realized now, after growing up with PB&Js in front of Sesame Street and The Electric Company that pbs could mean peanut butter sandwich.

My att u-verse reciever went out recently.  Like for a pack of cigarettes or ice cream… and never came home.

I got a replacement receiver and have spent over 4 hours on the phone with tech support trying to get the bugs ironed out, you know how wrinkly and starch-resistant bugs can be…

What do I really need a tv for anyway… I asked myself after spending two lovely hours of my Saturday afternoon with Level 2 tech support guru [[NAME redacted] to protect the identity of the innocent from the gnashing jaws of the hungry corporate beast which feasts exclusively on the decaying souls of the most stout-hearted, yet unfortunate call-center employee].

The vcr and dvd player still work, and I can watch ANYTHING from tv on that thing I hear the kids call “teh internets”.

I can make my own TV network and watch whatever I want, whenever I want.

And I start my personal programming line-up with PBS.  Aside from a few of my favorite movies and sit-coms (and I can watch all of them online…), pbs has it all.  History, science, literature/mystery/arts, culture and current events.

I think I might have a PB sandwich and watch that NOVA special on Butterflies again, and glare menacingly out of the corner of my eye at that useless receiver sitting on top of the tv set.

Funny thing is- I hardly watched any tv at all before U-verse was hooked up in my place at my roommate’s request, and the fact I’d bother to write a post about tv channel-surfing withdrawal on a Sunday morning makes me very glad it’s not working and I hope it stays that way.   THE FIRST STEP IS ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM….

In the interest of full disclosure:  ATT is my telephone and ISP (as well as roommate’s U-Verse provider) and has been since back in the SBCglobal days, and they have always provided me with outstanding service and I have never had any issues with them.  This Uverse issue is internal here in our building, not on ATTs end.  They’ve always gone above and beyond in regard to customer service in my ten years with them and especially this time trying to assist with the technical issues out of their control.


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the bunny grumbles

yes.  I trepidly venture out of the back-corner of my hutch…

and look around to see if there are any other bunnies left around the warren.

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How’s it been goin’?

I miss you guys.  I think of you all often and wonder what you’ve been up to and I guess if I really wanted to know I’d take a surf around and see what you’ve all been posting, but I just never got the feel for WP and “You can’t go home again”.

I am friends with a few ex-voxers now in real-life on facebook.  I wish a few more of my old neighbors and I could do that.  Lurkertype… to name just one…

But I did get a new dress and figured I might as well post it.

The job is alright, but I am still looking for something else, I have a funny feeling about this place and – yeah, the honeymoon was over pretty quick on this one…

Cats are pretty much “all good”, except for the STILL pissing on the carpet RIGHT NEXT TO the litter box thing.

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Ya know what I miss?

The old days, when people kept their politics, religion and sexual preferences/exploits to themselves when in polite company (aka: public).

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I love old black and white films from the 30s through the 50s.

There are thousands of them at the internet archive, and yesterday I reviewed my 250th one.  I know I’ve watched more than that, but I didn’t review every single one, although looking back over the last five years, I should have…

My reviews aren’t much, I usually leave the plot synopsis to other reviewers, my reviews just tell how enjoyable I found the film, so when I go back I can easily tell if I want to watch it again.

If you ever find yourself saying “There’s nothing on TV”, you should consider watching a great old movie for free online at the Internet Archive instead.

I am certain you will find just the right one for you in my list of reviews.

PS.  And there is always PBS online for some great television shows too!

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I have always worn Timex watches.

Sometime I might tell you the story of the time I called them and complained about these “Carriage” brand watches they sell on their website, and they gave me some story about how they were still Timex watch innards only the name on the face was different …. something about the name not being appreciated by young buyers and “Carriage” was supposed to be a hipper line, or some such nonsense.  I told them what I thought of them not being proud of their own name.  Oh my.

Anyway, to continue – I have one that I replaced the battery on twice, but it won’t run.  Takes a licking, my foot.

I don’t know if it’s the watch or the battery, but the dreaded Ex gave me the watch and I figured when it stopped running that it was time (no pun intended, but I am sure there’s one in there about “time” and” ex”) to stop wearing it.

I’ve had my eye on one for years and of course Timex discontinued it. I found it at overstock, along with one I liked better but it had a questionable review about it being larger than the photo and perhaps not the best choice for small wrists, which I have, and of course the watch was on sale, and very Art Deco.

But I thought let me search around before I buy anything, and don’t be so sold on only buying a Timex and thought let me just check ebay for something antique-ish and vintage since Art Deco isn’t exactly my style, I prefer Art Nouveau.  I found this little gem with a proper pendant face…

and even though it doesn’t have the chain, it did have free shipping, and I can always find a chain or a thin silk cord at the craft shop.

And it was only 7 bucks, and I am an hour later sitting here still thinking – Boy, look at how nice that “Art Deco” watch is, I kind of wish I had bought it…  So if I am still thinking of it in the morning I might see if it’s still on sale.

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