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“What the Dan Patch”?

So, last night I was flipping between South Park and – don’t laugh at me… Hellcats.

Marti gets out of bed and trips over her friend (this is important: I had only seen bits and pieces of this show before so I had no idea what the name of the character she tripped over was), and she yells out “What the Dan Patch”.  She may have said “What the hell, Dan Patch”, but that’s not how I heard it…

I thought she was saying it like what the hell, and inserting Dan Patch for Hell.

I freaked out.  Just a few days ago I made a comment, one of my very own personal, favorite tag-lines… on Mariser’s horse post something to the effect of “I swear to Dan Patch” (the racehorse), instead of I swear to G*d.

I thought to myself, I can NOT believe someone stole my line!

I checked around this morning, turns out the character’s name IS Dan Patch.

But it’s still pretty funny, and I am left wondering why they named that weak and scrawny character after such an exquisite race horse.


~You can watch the story of the REAL Dan Patch at the Internet Archive.


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