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In other news… I had a cheese steak for lunch today.

I am always wary of chain restaurants, but I was starving and in the mall so figured I’d try a Chestk from the Great Steak & Potato Company.

It wasn’t nearly as good as one from the Philadelphia Cheese Steak Shop, but it was pretty good.  Definitely edible, I ate the whole thing.  I gave it a B-.

The guys at the counter were friendly enough and accommodating to my special request (that they chop the meat up). The bread was soft, a little bit crusty and flaky on the outside and just chewy enough dough on the inside.  The amount of WHITE American cheese was just right, and they chopped up the steak for me and it was lean, and it was HOT and in my hands within seconds of coming off of the grill. And it was just the right size.

Hmm, I think I’ll up the rating to a solid B.


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