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Strong Women by The Hydropods

My sister is strong of heart and strong of mind, she stands like my mother once stood, proud and on the world.  The same world I stand upon, not as proud of myself as I am of them.

I speak warmly of women who endure through tenacity and sensibility, creativity and desire, power and awareness, women who persevere and stand proud and on the world.

And I avoid women who whine and the ones who point fingers and complain, the ones who chide and blame others for their failures, sexuality or world-view.

I prefer strong women. Ones who leap barriers like real women, not like men, or gazelles, or bats, but with all of the grace and strength of true women.

And I like intelligent women, women who know how to hold their own, toe to toe against any man or any thing that stands on this world, women with original thought and insight, because that’s how I was raised.

I prefer strong women, not cat fighting women, breast pounding body builders or cookie cutter fashion show runway whores or women who use men as models.

Women who know history, who know men are more than a rampaging army of Cyclops cocks, women who know children are more than leverage, who know the world on which they stand and draw power from it.

Women who are leaders, women who can process and comprehend, women who are great thinkers, and women that don’t like me saying that are probably not that.

I like women who can look you in the eye, no pretense, no false flattery, no apologies, no thanks.

I’ve been challenged by many, topped by a few, slapped in the face by some and shot to hell by a couple in particular, but I still like strong women no matter what you think.

I don’t happen to like weak whiny women, just as I despise weak whiny men.  I can’t pretend their worth my time, if you’re a weak woman blame me now and get it over with.  Keep crawling.

But if you’re a woman who possesses greatness, you have nothing to worry about –  You wouldn’t let someone like me get in your way anyway.

And when I say something good about a woman and when I say something bad about a woman take a good look at the woman of which I speak and judge us fairly as you stand or kneel on this earth.


SOURCE; The lyrics I typed up myself by ear because I couldn’t find them online anywhere.  Music and lyrics property of Hydropods, and used here without permission.


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