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Oooh, New Dress!!

I may be going on broke, but how could I say no to this dress for for a grand total, delivered of $10.48?

($9.99 + $1.99 S/h, and a $1.50 off – It always pays to check “retailmenot.com” for coupon codes before you hit “CHECKOUT” when you are shopping online.)

I couldn’t say no, so I said yes for the following reasons:

1.  I don’t have much in the way of a “California Fall” wardrobe, so I don’t have anything seasonably appropriate to wear to interviews as all of my best outfits are spring/summer or winter things.  I have a jacket or two I can dress it up with, and/or with my charcoal gray cardigan over it, I can wear it into early winter…

2.  It was less than $10.50, so a great price – discounted from $49.99.  I just threw away $10 dollars at Target on coffee, taco shells, black beans and a loaf of bread when I went in there for a new toaster, and couldn’t find one cheap enough but bought all that stuff anyway so I didn’t have to go to the store and end up buying more stuff I didn’t need.  But still ended up spending 15 bucks on a new toaster and the gas I used driving all over looking for a cheap-o…

3.  I think it’s either work or outing/lunch-date appropriate so felt it was a great value as I can think of a few places to wear it.

4.  It isn’t exaclty what I wanted, but shirtwaist dresses seem to be so hard to find.  I usually go for long-sleeves and solids, but I kind of like this and think it would be good for me to change it up in something splashy and not dress like a wallflower every once in awhile – and for 10 bucks I’m willing to turn 40-something wearing it.

5. My barfdae is in 16 days and I deserve a gift from myself.

I found it at Old Pueblo Traders, and they also have this dress in a sea-green or pink, but both were kind of Meh… The pinkish one might be cute, but it might also look like you dipped yourself in pepto-bismol and everything there is awfully matronly, but there a few good items thrown in there if you are patient enough to look through it all.

Anyway, I really liked the snappy look of the black one and since I already have black/gray/cream colored items in my wardrobe I don’t need to buy anything special to go with it…. It’ll be wash and wear.


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