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No Oompa-Loompas

My Sister would probably roll over in her grave if she knew.  On the other hand, she wouldn’t want me to get skin cancer either.

She and I made tanning a full time past-time and lived by the credo:  Tans are something you EARN by working and playing in the sun.  They aren’t procured on a tanning bed, in a spray booth mist or out of a bottle and they certainly aren’t supposed to be any shade of orange.

When I couldn’t find any Ban de Soleil products in ANY store again this year (and may I just say:  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT Brick-n-Mortar Retailers!?  I’ve sworn by only this brand for all of my life and am more than a little chagrined I can only find it online…  *makes mad bunny faces, grumbles loudly, thumps back foot wildly*) so I decided it was sign from above to stay out of the sun, so I gave one of those 99 cent trail size tubes of “Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer” a try for fun.

Don’t tell anyone, but I really liked it, went back and bought more.




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