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I have always worn Timex watches.

Sometime I might tell you the story of the time I called them and complained about these “Carriage” brand watches they sell on their website, and they gave me some story about how they were still Timex watch innards only the name on the face was different …. something about the name not being appreciated by young buyers and “Carriage” was supposed to be a hipper line, or some such nonsense.  I told them what I thought of them not being proud of their own name.  Oh my.

Anyway, to continue – I have one that I replaced the battery on twice, but it won’t run.  Takes a licking, my foot.

I don’t know if it’s the watch or the battery, but the dreaded Ex gave me the watch and I figured when it stopped running that it was time (no pun intended, but I am sure there’s one in there about “time” and” ex”) to stop wearing it.

I’ve had my eye on one for years and of course Timex discontinued it. I found it at overstock, along with one I liked better but it had a questionable review about it being larger than the photo and perhaps not the best choice for small wrists, which I have, and of course the watch was on sale, and very Art Deco.

But I thought let me search around before I buy anything, and don’t be so sold on only buying a Timex and thought let me just check ebay for something antique-ish and vintage since Art Deco isn’t exactly my style, I prefer Art Nouveau.  I found this little gem with a proper pendant face…

and even though it doesn’t have the chain, it did have free shipping, and I can always find a chain or a thin silk cord at the craft shop.

And it was only 7 bucks, and I am an hour later sitting here still thinking – Boy, look at how nice that “Art Deco” watch is, I kind of wish I had bought it…  So if I am still thinking of it in the morning I might see if it’s still on sale.


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